Saturday, May 1, 2010

Workers of the World Unite

Workers of the World Unite......was always my mantra for this day. I wondered how I could be in "solidarity" with the families and people that lived more rugged lives. What that says about the current times when globalism has universalized expectations for a middle class life. At the same time pundits state there is a general demise of the middle class. I wonder if we might get back to the nature of "work", the value of our labor, and the sense of nurturing or providing that puts not only food (hopefully organic, locally grown and unpackaged) on our table, but also promotes a sense of connection to her...the land. I am going to take time today to sit on the ground and feel her swell and change, feel warmth or cool, gritty, muddy or dry and remember that the more I interact with her the more vital we both will be.